Totally Smitten by Small Saga Guidebook

Small Saga. Remember those awesome guidebooks that used to come tucked inside game cases? They were like hidden treasures filled with tips and tricks, making the gaming experience even more exciting. Nowadays, they’re a bit of a rarity, something you’d find in the collection of a die-hard fan. But let me tell you about Small Saga, this new indie RPG – it’s like a love letter to those old-school guidebooks.

I’ve been following the development of Small Saga for over a year. So, when it finally dropped on November 16th, I was all over it. Sure, I could’ve grabbed the basic edition for twenty bucks, but I went deluxe for $26.99 on Why? Because it included not just the game, but also its soundtrack and a PDF of the guidebook.


Now, this guidebook isn’t your run-of-the-mill kind, not a chance. It’s called “A Travelling Mouse’s Guide to the Kingdom of Rodentia.” Instead of just dishing out where to go and what to do, it feels like a traveler’s bible to Small Saga’s world. Think of it as your prep guide before heading off on an epic journey. It tells you where to get the best drinks, where to crash for the night, and even the coolest ways to get around. It’s like a secret invitation to spend more time exploring Rodentia.

But here’s the kicker – it’s not a walkthrough. Nope. This guidebook dances along the line between being helpful and being overly instructive. It’s all about the wonder and discovery, giving you tips and clues without holding your hand through the entire game. You’ve got to figure some things out on your own, translating the local customs into your own game experience.

Take this snippet that’s got me grinning: “Twisted Tails isn’t exactly Murida’s top pub,” the guide says, “Glasses are grubby, regulars aren’t exactly friendly, and the knife darts? Utterly terrifying. But hey, that’s the true Muridan pub experience for you.”

Twisted Tails

Now, I’ve no clue what awaits me at Twisted Tails, but I’m stoked to check it out. Will it push the main story forward? Maybe not, but it’ll likely have something quirky or cool off the beaten path.

The guide’s got around 30 pages, peppered with illustrations by Ash S. These drawings offer a whole new look at how the critters in Rodentia see their world. It’s a whimsical contrast to the game’s pixel art, oozing with life and that feeling of adventurous exploration. You could imagine any NPC in the game carrying a copy of “A Travelling Mouse’s Guide” in their back pocket, just for kicks, even if they’re not on a quest like Verm, the main character, to save the world.

Now, here’s the kicker: you don’t need this guide to finish Small Saga. It’s not your typical game guide that spells out every step. But with its charming art and witty writing, it feels like an essential buddy to dive headfirst into the game’s fantastical world. Personally, I wouldn’t step foot in Rodentia without my trusty guidebook in hand.

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I’m totally hooked on Small Saga, this new RPG that’s got me feeling all nostalgic about those old game guidebooks. When it finally launched on November 16th, I splurged on the deluxe edition from for $26.99 instead of settling for the basic $19.99 version. Why? Because it came with a treasure trove – the game, its soundtrack, and most importantly, the quirky and charming “A Travelling Mouse’s Guide to the Kingdom of Rodentia.”

Not Your Typical Guidebook

This guidebook isn’t your typical “how-to” manual for the game. Nah, it’s more like a traveler’s companion, dishing out tips and clues without holding your hand through the entire game. It’s all about discovery and wonder, giving you a taste of the game world without revealing every secret. It’s like having a buddy nudging you toward cool stuff without giving away all the surprises.

Charming and Essential

The guidebook is packed with around 30 pages of whimsical illustrations by Ash S. These drawings offer a fresh perspective on how the critters in Rodentia see their world, adding a whole new layer of charm to the game. It’s not a necessity to finish the game, but it’s like having a trusty sidekick to help you dive deep into the fantastical world of Small Saga.


Klik88slot. Small Saga’s guidebook isn’t just a game guide; it’s an immersive experience. With its quirky charm and delightful illustrations, it’s become an essential companion to anyone exploring the enchanting world of Rodentia. So, if you’re diving into Small Saga, don’t forget to grab your copy of “A Travelling Mouse’s Guide” – it might just make your adventure all the more thrilling!